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A healthier world begins here with your smart cold chain

RebusLabs is trusted by top Swiss hospitals, pharmacists, multi-national FMCG, and logistics companies for its real-time monitoring solutions for temperature-sensitive assets.

Trusted by top Swiss hospitals, pharmacists, multi-national FMCG and logistics companies

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SRO, one of the client hospital of Rebuslabs AG
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Danone, one of the client FMCG Company of Rebuslabs AG

Effortless, Automated Cold Chain Monitoring

Effective cold chain monitoring is fundamental to ensuring product safety, meeting regulatory standards, and safeguarding brand reputation.

Cold-chain Product Safety Assurance

Product Safety Assurance

Ensuring temperature-sensitive products maintain their quality and efficacy from production to end-user is paramount. Cold chain monitoring prevents potential health risks and product waste.

Cold-chain Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting global regulatory guidelines is non-negotiable. Continuous and automated monitoring provides the necessary data for compliance, reducing the risk of penalties and sanctions.

Cold-chain Brand Protection

Brand Protection

A consistent and automated cold chain audit process upholds a brand's promise of quality. Any compromise can lead to financial losses and damage to the brand's trustworthiness in the market.


Voktor-award Enea Martinelli Infoletter_edited.jpg
"One day not using RebusLabs system cost us more money than what we would have paid

RebusLabs in 10 years."

2023 Viktor Award Winner

Enea Martinelli - fmi Chief Pharmacist, Switzerland



A comprehensive modular cold chain management platform offering customized solutions for Healthcare, Biopharmaceuticals, and Food & Beverage Industries.

Rebuslabs's Smart Devices

Smart Devices

Rebuslabs's Sensors


Rebuslabs's Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Our specialized hardware accomodates any refrigeration or cooler unit. CE approved & TÜV certified, Rebus devices can operate both on battery and wall outlets while providing various communication protocols (GSM, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth).

Connect a combination of sensors and measure temperature, humidity, voltage, movement, acceleration, location, or volatile compounds. They can be connected by cable, or spread over a large area and linked wirelessly to Rebus' custom hardware.

An event-driven, distributed, scaleable, and secure cloud interface consolidates sensory measurements for immediate alerts, and predictive analytics automatically generates reports for compliance purposes. Rebus platform complies with any other existing architecture and infrastructure.




Modus instantly connects you to your fridges, and keeps you informed of the status of your medicine at all times.

Modus can be installed under 5 minutes, and it allows users to monitor sensitive products through any web browser, without installing any software.

Rebus Modus Device


Locus is an industrial smart modular device with a long lasting  battery to monitor your perishables during various distribution stages of the supply chain.

Locus supports a multiple number of sensors simultaneously and can be used in difficult environmental conditions .

Rebus Locus Device


Focus delivers a comprehensive, flexible, and modular system to automate stock management. Focus allows you to track and asses sales forces in field through portable mobile devices and CRM system integrations.

Focus can be used for various data-driven customer experience and loyalty scenarios.

Rebuslabs' Focus Device
Rebuslabs's Synapse Dashboard view on desktop and mobile

Synapse Dashboard

RebusLabs' Synapse Dashboard allows you to remotely monitor all your assets in real time.

Synapse automatically controls all parameters of your system at all times, for optimal visibility, control, and performance of your applications.

As a result, Synapse generates an automated audit trail including reporting, business analytics, and compliance decision support.

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